Affinity Networks & Initiatives

Affinity Networks

Our affinity networks facilitate relationship-building among attorneys with shared interests and backgrounds, and provide an additional forum for professional and leadership development for associates and counsel. All of our affinity networks play a key role in the firm's law student recruitment, attorney mentoring career development, workplace inclusion and social responsibility objectives. The affinity networks are open to all attorneys who are interested in participating.

Women’s Initiatives

Our global Women’s Initiatives Committee recommends, implements and monitors efforts related to the overall professional development of women lawyers at the firm. The committee supports our continued efforts to attract and develop a pipeline of successful women lawyers at all levels.

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Women's Leadership Forum:

  • a six-month leadership program for high-performing senior women associates and counsel
  • covers topics such as confidence and self-belief, building an authentic leadership brand, presence and gravitas, networking, and strategic career planning
  • includes a feedback process to gain insight into participants' strengths and developmental opportunities, which is then incorporated into an individual development plan
  • expanded in 2016 to include colleagues from our international offices

Other Women's Initiative programs:

  • the Skadden Series for Women lectures
  • internal women attorney's blog conversations
  • our Women's Affinity Network, which provides women associates and counsel with leadership opportunities, a voice in the design of firm initiatives, and a forum for its members to network with and mentor other women attorneys; and promotes recruiting activities geared toward female students, and client outreach and business development programs