Economic Stabilization Updates

Skadden is advising clients on various aspects of the U.S. Treasury’s Capital Purchase Program (CPP) to inject capital into financial institutions under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, as well as clients considering selling assets under the EESA’s Troubled Asset Relief Program. We have compiled the resources on this Web page to keep you up-to-date on the most recent news and developments in this area. 

Most Recent Alert

On October 23, the Federal Reserve issued its “Proposed Guidance on Sound Incentive Compensation Policies.” The Federal Reserve is soliciting comment on the Guidance for a thirty-day period following publication in the Federal Register.  Click here to read more.

Skadden-Authored Alerts and Memoranda

Economic Stabilization Report for October 22, 2009: Federal Reserve Proposes Guidance on Incentive Compensation
TARP Report for July 9, 2009: Treasury Names Asset Managers and Provides Details on Legacy Securities PPIP
TARP Report for July 3, 2009: FDIC Proposes Significant Limits on
Private Investments in Banks
TARP Report for June 30, 2009: Consumer and Liquidity Measures Proposed
TARP Report for June 19, 2009: Highlights of Interim Final Rule on TARP Executive Compensation
TARP Report for June 19, 2009: Unregistered Fund Legislation
TARP Report for June 18, 2009: Financial Regulatory Reform Before Congress
TARP Report for June 17, 2009: Financial Regulatory Reform: A New Foundation
TARP Report for June 16, 2009: FDIC Chairman Bair on PE Investments in Failed Banks
TARP Report for June 11, 2009: Treasury Issues Executive Compensation Guidance and Interim Final Rule for TARP Participants
TARP Report for June 3, 2009: FDIC Postpones Legacy Loans Public-Private Partnership Pilot Sale
TARP Report for June 2, 2009: Servicer Safe Harbor and Public-Private Investment Program Oversight
TARP Report for May 22, 2009: TALF Loans for Legacy CMBS
TARP Report for May 19, 2009: Senate Approves Credit Card Restriction Legislation and Regulation of Derivatives
TARP Report for May 19, 2009: FDIC Borrowing Authority and Special Assessments
TARP Report for May 14, 2009: Treasury Announces Additional Components to the Making Home Affordable Program and Revamp of the TARP Program
TARP Report for May 7, 2009: Supervisory Capital Assessment
Program and Stress Tests
TARP Report for May 5, 2009: TALF Expanded to CMBS
TARP Report for April 30, 2009: Congressional Action
TARP Report for April 6, 2009: Legacy Securities Program Update
TARP Report for March 26, 2009: Secretary Geithner's Testimony to Congress
TARP Report for March 23, 2009: Treasury Announces Public-Private Partnership Details
TARP Report for March 20, 2009: Special Inspector General Barofsky’s Testimony
TARP Report for March 19, 2009: Auto Supplier Support Program and Expansion of TALF Eligible Collateral
TARP Report for March 17, 2009: Federal Reserve and FDIC Actions
TARP Report for March 16, 2009: TARP Funds to Be Used to Support
Small Business Lending

TARP Report for March 4, 2009: Significant Changes to TALF and
Unanswered Questions

TARP Report for March 4, 2009: Special Inspector General Investigates Use of TARP Funds
TARP Report for February 27, 2009: TLGP To Cover Mandatory Convertible Debt
TARP Report for February 26, 2009: Bank Stress Test and More SEC Guidance Today on Say on Pay
TARP Report for February 25, 2009: Treasury Capital Assistance Program
TARP Report for February 20, 2009: Federal Reserve Rolls Out TALF

TARP Report for February 16, 2009: Stimulus Bill Tightens Limits on Executive Compensation for TARP Recipients
TARP Report for February 10, 2009: Treasury Unveils Financial Stability Plan
TARP Report for February 6, 2009:
Regulator Approves Private Equity Investment in Thrift Institution
TARP Report for February 4, 2009: Treasury Department Issues New Guidelines
TARP Report for February 3, 2009: TARP and Financial Institutions Developments
TARP Report for January 28, 2009: TARP Transparency and Reform
TARP Report for January 27, 2009: EESA Reforms, Bankruptcy Modification, Foreclosure Prevention and the Inspector General's Review
TARP Report for January 22, 2009: Congressional Action
TARP Report for January 16, 2009: Bank of America, Citgroup and Amended TLGP Rules
TARP Report for January 15, 2009: Senate Vote Gives Treasury Access to Remaining TARP Funds
TARP Report for January 14, 2009: Remaining TARP Funds, S Corp Terms and Geithner Confirmation
TARP Report for January 13, 2009: Congressional Action Regarding Remaining TARP Funds
TARP Report for January 12, 2009: At Obama’s Request, Bush Will Ask Congress for Second $350 Billion of TARP Funds

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