Getronics Prevails in Transaction-Related Arbitration

Skadden secured an arbitration award on behalf of Getronics, N.V. before a team of KPMG arbitrators in New Zealand and the Netherlands. Following the closing of Getronics’ sale of its North American operations to CompuCom Systems, Inc., CompuCom alleged inaccuracies in Getronics’ method of accounting, demanded a $5 million purchase price adjustment, and simultaneously commenced federal litigation in Delaware seeking $30 million for alleged breaches of representations and warranties in Getronics’ financial statements. Skadden moved to stay the federal court action and obtained an order compelling CompuCom to participate in the mandatory post-closing, purchase-price adjustment arbitration. On April 4, KPMG issued a final determination and award adopting Getronics’ proposed purchase-price calculation in its entirety.