DOJ Drops Case Against FedEx Mid-Trial

One week into a criminal trial in San Francisco federal court, and following cross-examination of government witnesses by the Skadden team and co-counsel at Arguedas, Cassman & Headley, the Department of Justice dropped its entire case against client FedEx Corp. FedEx and its subsidiaries FedEx Corporate Services Inc. and FedEx Express had been accused in a July 2014 indictment of colluding with two online pharmacies to knowingly ship drugs without prescriptions. Prosecutors charged FedEx with 15 counts related to trafficking controlled substances and misbranded drugs, later adding three counts of conspiracy to launder money. In March 2016, the litigation team convinced the judge to dismiss a number of the charges. On June 17, in what was described by the media as a "stunning turn," the government announced that it was dismissing all remaining charges against FedEx.