C5’s 8th Advanced Forum on Economic Sanctions Compliance

Jamie L. Boucher

Washington, D.C. financial institutions regulation and enforcement partner Jamie Boucher and counsel Sean Thornton spoke at C5’s 8th Advanced Forum on Economic Sanctions Compliance, held June 11-12 in Amsterdam. Ms. Boucher participated in a panel discussion titled "Sanctions Enforcement Trends in Europe and the US: Find Out Who Is Being Targeted and What You Can Do to Avoid Being Next." The panelists provided an update on global enforcement trends and examined what enforcement actions exporters, financial institutions and insurers can expect to see during the next 12 months, as well as the level of scrutiny investigators will be expecting to see when looking into an organization's due diligence practices and policies. Mr. Thornton presented "Status Update: US and EU Sanctions in Russia and the Ukraine," which focused on the current status of sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian persons and entities; what actions are currently prohibited; key differences between the sanctions imposed by the EU and the sanctions imposed by the U.S.; and the impact of the sanctions on European-based entities.