Tenth Annual Energy Conference

John N. Estes III David Meister Donna M. Byrne

On March 10, the Energy Regulation and Litigation Group held its Tenth Annual Energy Conference, in the Washington, D.C. office. Keynote speakers included Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman Cheryl LaFleur and North American Electric Reliability Corporation President and CEO Gerry Cauley. Energy regulation and litigation practice leader John Moot and partners John Estes and Paul Wight led the following panel discussions:

  • The Future of Organized Markets: Can They Survive in Their Current Form?
  • The Future of the Electric Utility: What Will It Look Like in 10 Years?
  • Energy Legislation in the 114th Congress
  • New Frontiers (and Theories) in Market Manipulation

New York government enforcement and white collar crime head David Meister participated as a panelist. Counsel Donna Byrne also spoke on "Developments in FERC Enforcement Proceedings."