2017 Insights: Corporate

Skadden's 2017 Insights

Although political and economic uncertainties tempered corporate activity somewhat in 2016, the trends and fundamentals that have the potential to drive transactions remain in place in 2017.

Capital Markets

Volatility and Uncertainty Continue in the US Capital Markets
Following continued volatility in 2016, the performance of U.S. capital markets this year will largely depend on how the Trump administration implements its policies, and how those policies complement or contradict one another in their impact on the capital markets.

Trump's Focus on Deregulation Could Shape SEC Priorities in 2017
With a promise to undo regulations and oversee the financial sector differently from his predecessor, President Donald Trump has indicated a clear intention to shift the SEC’s agenda on both regulatory and enforcement matters.

Trump Infrastructure Plan May Open Opportunities for Projects
Though some question the viability of President Donald Trump's infrastructure plan, his emphasis on private investment would require more frequent use of public-private partnerships, increasing opportunities for private sector participants and spurring financial innovation.

Mexican Energy Sector Restructuring: New Opportunities for Renewables
Mexico presents attractive opportunities for investors in renewable energy projects. However, recent changes remove important investment protections, making the assessment of curtailment and other risks more significant.

Corporate Restructuring

Oil and Gas Industry Seeks Steady Ground Following Year of Restructurings, Restrictive Lending
Stable oil prices should decrease the number of restructurings in the industry this year, and opportunistic buyers, including recently restructured companies, may look to add attractive assets to their portfolios.


Mergers and Acquisitions: 2016 Update
Following a strong year for global M&A (despite a drop-off from the record levels set in 2015), the potential policy direction under President Donald Trump indicates areas of likely change that could meaningfully, and generally favorably, impact the M&A environment.

Regional Focus: Europe
The uncertainty surrounding Brexit continues to impact M&A and capital markets activity throughout the continent. We explore the trends in the U.K., France and Germany.

Regional Focus: Asia
The influence felt by economic and political factors, both domestic and international, will continue to impact M&A and capital markets activity in China, Japan and India.

Directors Must Navigate Challenges of Shareholder-Centric Paradigm
Directors face a complicated corporate governance landscape. How well they manage the often inconsistent demands of multiple constituencies while pursuing the best interests of the corporation and its stockholders is critical to their organizations' success.

US Corporate Governance: Will Private Ordering Trump Political Change?
Given the popularity of current corporate governance practices with shareholders, the legal and regulatory changes envisioned under the Trump administration may ultimately have little impact, if any, in this area.

Trump’s Proposed Changes to Tax, Dodd-Frank, DOL Could Impact Executive Compensation
President Donald Trump’s campaign proposals included changes to tax rates and the Dodd-Frank Act, as well as a suggestion that the DOL fiduciary rule could be reversed. If enacted, such proposals would have a significant impact on executive compensation.

Navigating the Challenges of Chinese Acquisitions of US Insurers
Chinese investors can be successful acquirers in the U.S. market with the right preparation and understanding of the expectations of state insurance regulators as well as willingness to share some aspects of regulatory risk with sellers.

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