Skadden’s International Litigation and Arbitration Group is dedicated to resolving our clients’ most difficult, complex and high-value international disputes. We are frequently acknowledged as a world-leader with a stellar track-record of success.

Our overriding focus is to deliver victories for our clients. We do not seek to amass the largest number of cases; nor do we equate volume with quality or success. Instead, we pride ourselves on winning our clients’ most important disputes through innovative strategies and exceptional client service. We achieve results through a model built on small cost-effective teams with close partner involvement throughout.

We apply our deep experience in arbitration to cases before every major arbitral institution. Our award-winning practice spans both commercial arbitration and investor-state disputes under international treaties in The Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. We also routinely advise clients on matters of EU law and public international law.

Beyond our experience in international arbitration, our firm is equally a leader in the field of international litigation. We have deep experience in managing disputes that require a coordinated strategy across multiple jurisdictions, often including the courts of the United States, England, Germany, Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus and other international forums. This work includes acting for clients on cutting-edge issues of jurisdiction, alien tort claims and sovereign immunity before the U.S. courts. We are also adept at working with our clients’ local counsel to improve their chances of success when they face critical litigation in a foreign court. By adding strategic value, we have helped our clients to prevail in litigation across Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.