Firm Holds Annual Antitrust Seminar

Ingrid Vandenborre

Skadden's Palo Alto office held its annual antitrust seminar and reception on January 28. "Antitrust in the Technology Sector: Policy Perspectives and Insights From the Enforcers" focused on some of the key antitrust issues facing technology companies. Panelists included European Commission Directorate-General for Competition leader Alexander Italianer and Chief Economist Kai-Uwe Kühn, along with FTC Commissioner Julie Brill.

The first of two panel discussions centered on monopoly/dominance issues, and the second focused on merger enforcement, covering such topics as the increased importance of intellectual property as a core asset and leadership in the enforcement agencies. Skadden speakers were Palo Alto partner Alec Chang, Washington D.C. partner Sharis Pozen, and Brussels partners Ingrid Vandenborre and James Venit.

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