New York intellectual property and technology partner Matthew Zisk spoke at American Conference Institute's "7th Advanced Forum on Life Sciences Collaborative Agreements and Acquisitions: Maximizing Opportunities and Rewards in M&A, Licensing, Partnering Deals and Strategic Alliances."  The event was held February 27-28 in New York.  Mr. Zisk discussed "Overcoming Defects in IP That Have the Potential to Derail Life Sciences Transactions." Topics included ferreting out when IP rights are overstated by a partner company or acquisition target; employing techniques for clearly documenting what entities are involved and who owns what; detecting previous licensing activity; determining when use restrictions will adversely impact the business reasons for a partnership; identifying the IP and patents at issue and projecting how the target’s prior agreements can affect the value and terms of the transaction; avoiding pending litigation risks; and addressing the effects the America Invents Act might have on patent value.