Decoupling a Biotech/Pharma Alliance (New York)

Maura Barry Grinalds Paul T. Schnell Nancy A. Lieberman

Skadden presented a seminar on September 10 titled "Decoupling a Biotech/Pharma Alliance: How Amylin Pharmaceuticals Unlocked Value by Challenging Its Partnership With Eli Lilly & Co., Paving the Way for Its Multibillion Dollar Acquisition by Bristol-Myers Squibb." Held in the firm's New York office, the seminar provided a first-hand account of how Amylin successfully terminated its decade-long alliance with Eli Lilly and reacquired the worldwide development and commercialization rights to its leading diabetes drug exenatide in a deal worth up to $1.6 billion in 2011. With increased flexibility and a blockbuster new product with FDA marketing clearance, Amylin was acquired subsequently in 2012 by Bristol-Myers Squibb for $7 billion, which included resolving multiple lawsuits brought by activist shareholders, such as Carl Icahn. The seminar was moderated by New York M&A partner Paul Schnell and included as speakers New York M&A partner Nancy Lieberman and litigation partners Maura Barry Grinalds and Michael Gruenglas, as well as Daniel Bradbury, Amylin's former CEO and president, and Marcea Bland Lloyd, Amylin's former senior vice president, chief administrative officer and general counsel.