This Month in Intellectual Property: Special Ethics Edition

Anthony J. Dreyer Douglas R. Nemec

On May 25, Skadden presented a "Special Ethics Edition" of “This Month in Intellectual Property,” a monthly webinar series created to keep IP practitioners and in-house counsel up to date on recent court decisions, legislative developments, key filings and emerging trends in IP. Covering all facets of IP, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets and rights of publicity, the webinar series serves as a one-stop-shop for news that covers the entirety of this rapidly evolving industry.

intellectual property litigation partner Anthony Dreyer discussed the Ninth Circuit reversal of a dismissal of an attorney misconduct case, a "copyright frequent filer” who has filed over 2,000 copyright infringement cases in the past five years and is now facing sanctions and suspensions, a New Jersey ethics advisory board's opinion protecting innocent group “Reply All” email mistakes and the American Bar Association's ethics opinion that clarifies attorney obligations for working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Partner Douglas Nemec and counsel Rachel Blitzer spoke about ethical pitfalls to avoid when policing trade secret and other IP violations, courts' increasing focus on counsel's actions when considering fee shifting and ethical obligations in post-grant proceedings.

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