Lessons From the French Blocking Statute’s 2022 Reforms

Ryan D. Junck Margot Sève

On November 27, Skadden hosted a panel discussion on the enhancements to the French Blocking Statute (FBS) framework that were issued in 2022. European litigation and white collar defense and investigations head Ryan Junck spoke on a panel moderated by European counsel Margot Sève. External speakers included representatives from Parquet National Financier, SISSE, Société Générale and the U.S. Department of Justice. The panelists discussed the application of, and compliance with, the FBS since the 2022 reforms; how the FBS has been recognized by foreign authorities since 2022; the impact of the FBS reforms on international mutual cooperation and on how corporations have cooperated with authorities; and how the FBS has been enforced by French authorities.