Spotlight Series: Carving Your Path in Transfer Pricing

Skadden Podcast / GILTI Conscience: Casual Discussions on Transfer Pricing, Tax Treaties and Related Topics

Nathaniel Carden David Farhat Eman Cuyler Stefane Victor Niraja Srinivasan, Liz Stevens

For law students or young practitioners pursuing a career in tax law, there are numerous possibilities to gain hands on experience and knowledge. However, learning about and finding an entry into transfer pricing may be much harder. ABA Transfer Pricing Committee founders Niraja Srinivasan and Liz Stevens joined “GILTI Conscience” hosts Nate Carden and David Farhat, committee vice chair Eman Cuyler and associate Stefan Victor to discuss a unique classroom-to-boardroom mentorship program for those interested in a career in transfer pricing, as well as for experienced professionals who are eager to share their enthusiasm on the subject and help guide the next generation of transfer pricing leaders.

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