Spotlight Series: A Conversation With Women Trailblazers in Tax

Skadden Podcast / GILTI Conscience: Casual Discussions on Transfer Pricing, Tax Treaties and Related Topics

Jessica A. Hough Eman Cuyler Stefane Victor Pam Olson

Our “GILTI Conscience” podcast team, led in this episode by associates Eman Cuyler and Stefane Victor, presented a thought-provoking episode in recognition of Women’s History Month. They were joined by Washington, D.C. office head and tax partner Jessica Hough and Skadden alum and PWC senior tax policy adviser Pam Olson, who discussed their career paths, successes and leadership strategies. The speakers also covered a wide range of topics that focused on creating an inclusive work culture, paving the way for diverse candidates in the field of tax, cultivating relationships with mentors and striking a crucial work-life balance, among many other topics.

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