The Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions (Representations and Warranties Insurance in Latin American M&A: A Long-Awaited Alternative in the Face of Current Challenges)

Latin Lawyer

Paola Lozano Ralph E. Pérez Daniel Hernández

Partner Paola Lozano, counsel Ralph Pérez and associate Daniel Hernández discuss representations and warranties insurance (RWI) in Latin America and why now is the time for dealmakers with roles in the premier Latin American M&A transactions to brush up on the subject. The authors address topics including:

  • Fundamentals of RWI.
  • RWI insurability factors.
  • Relative benefits of RWI.
  • The intersection of RWI and the purchase agreement.
 An extract from the four edition of Latin Lawyer’s The Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions. The whole publication is available at