Pro Bono

Pro Bono workOur dedication to pro bono work is a core aspect of our culture. Our founders believed not only in a lawyer’s social responsibility, but that we all benefit when the legal system is accessible to everyone. Those views continue to thrive at Skadden, where we have dedicated more than 1.5 million hours to pro bono over the last nine years alone. The firm gives billable hour credit for pro bono work, and our attorneys are involved in a wide variety of charitable endeavors. From day one, we encourage those at the firm to find a cause that sparks their interest and to match that interest to legal needs in our communities. Our pro bono work is diverse and far-reaching. It includes work related to immigration and asylum; nonprofit incorporation, tax exemption and operations; civil litigation; administrative hearings; life planning; criminal matters; community development; veterans’ issues; and cases involving domestic violence survivors.

Being able to offer our level of client service to people who lack the resources – but not the worthiness, vision, or passion – to engage us is something I'm truly grateful for. — Jo Jimenez, associate