We recruit high level international profiles from the best French or Anglo-Saxon universities professional schools etc. Applicants must have at least a master’s degree in French law and/or an LL.M. or a business school diploma. We seek out candidates with the following qualities: pragmatism, creativity, responsiveness, originality and the high-performance level that characterizes our law firm and has greatly contributed to its success and reputation. To help facilitate greater diversity, we have introduced a CV anonymization process, which helps remove both conscious and unconscious bias. This involves obscuring all candidates' personal information from their applications, such as name and age. This ensures that our Recruitment Committee makes decisions based on qualifications, work experience, education and references.

We welcome about 10 students per period throughout our different practice areas, for three to six month internships. Skadden interns are full-fledged members of the various teams and are involved in all stages of the cases. All candidates must be bilingual in French and English.

If you enjoy working in an international environment; being challenged with a diversity of legal issues; engaging in small teams dedicated to a project and the client's needs; working hard in a collegial atmosphere; being trusted with truly interesting duties; and seeking out the best solutions and exceptional experiences, then Skadden is the right law firm for your internship.