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  • Name
    Tony Sammi
  • Position
  • Practice
    Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Location
    New York
  • Law School
  • Brief Biography

    Like many litigators, Tony was inspired to become a trial attorney by the courtroom dramas he watched growing up. Unlike most litigators, Tony studied electrical engineering in college.

    At Skadden, Tony’s approach to intellectual property litigation combines his love for a gripping, well-tailored legal story with the ability to transform complicated issues into persuasive, comprehensible arguments. In a $900 million-plus patent action in East Texas, Tony's case hinged on the distinction between "secure" and "encrypted." Knowing he was in the high school football capital of the world, Tony used play-calling as a metaphor: In the huddle, a play is "secure"; when the quarterback calls out a code name at the line ("Omaha!"), it is encrypted. The jury nodded and smiled and, shortly thereafter, found for Tony's client.

  • Explore Tony's Desktop
  • Oculus Rift Prototype

    One of the perks of handling IP and patent litigation is the "need" to keep some of the evidence in your office, like this first-ever hand-built prototype of an Oculus Rift VR headset. The headset is headed for a VR museum, but not before Tony gets to show it off around the office.

  • Transit Level
    Tony's father and grandfather also were engineers. He keeps his grandfather's transit level and father's original slide rule in his office as reminders that precision and detail are at the heart of both engineering and law.
  • Mini Dhol

    Tony comes from a culture steeped in music and dance. As a nod to his Indian heritage, he keeps a mini dhol in his office, just in case the opportunity to bhangra arises.

Jury award in ZeniMax's VR action against Facebook
Languages spoken (English, Punjabi, Hindi and, in a pinch, Urdu)
Founder/first president of NY South Asian Bar Association
Tony Sammi
Meet Tony
  • Name
    Ryan Dzierniejko
  • Position
    Partner, Capital Markets
  • Location
    New York
  • Law School
    Osgoode Hall
  • About Ryan

    An Ontario native, Ryan joined Skadden’s Toronto office as an associate before moving to New York and working his way up to partner. One of Skadden’s key strengths is our global platform and ability to work as “one firm” between offices — whether the office has 10 attorneys (Toronto) or 700+ attorneys (New York). The key lies in a global culture built around teamwork, collaboration, respect and client service.

    While in Toronto, Ryan spent a lot of time working with U.S. partners on high-profile deals out of New York. Now that he is based in New York, he continues to represent an extensive roster of Canadian clients — he’s worked on representations involving more than a quarter of the companies in the TSX 60, including the then-largest equity offering in Canadian history. One of the things Ryan appreciates most about Skadden is that the work — and the clients — are always top notch, regardless of geography. That said, the one drawback of relocating to the U.S., Ryan says, is that he’s still having trouble finding a foursome for euchre.

  • Explore Ryan's Desktop
  • Air Canada Deal Toy
    As an associate, Ryan worked on Air Canada’s inaugural offering of high-yield notes. The partner allowed Ryan to take a leading role, including leading the drafting sessions with the client and quarterbacking eight sets of local counsel. Those types of experiences — where senior partners offer mentorship and opportunities to grow — were the norm, Ryan says, and something that Ryan now prides himself on paying forward, particularly in his role as an attorney development partner.
  • Offering Documents

    Ryan has worked on some of the largest and most notable capital markets transactions in recent years, including IPOs for companies like the Match Group and Shopify and notes offerings for companies such as WeWork. Ryan’s favorite part about these types of deals isn’t the high-profile work itself (although his parents are always impressed!), but rather the relationships built with the companies and the people who work there. Ryan counts many of his clients among his good friends.

  • Heart

    Serving as a mentor is near and dear to Ryan’s heart. He has long been active in associate recruiting and development, including as a co-leader of the firm’s Summer Associate Capital Markets training program. In Toronto, he sat on the board of a youth shelter and served as a coach of its basketball team. He currently is a member of the board of the Ali Forney Center, the largest LGBTQ youth shelter in the U.S.

Weekend Brunches Per Year
Hundreds of billions of dollars in deals
Gold Medal (Osgoode Hall)
Meet Ryan
  • Name
    Eileen Nugent
  • Position
    Of Counsel
  • Practice
    Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Location
    New York
  • Law School
    Brooklyn Law School
  • Brief Biography

    Widely recognized as one of the world's leading M&A attorneys, Eileen helped us become the first law firm to advise on more than $1 trillion worth of deals in a single year. At Skadden, Eileen shares her knowledge and experience one on one, mentoring countless associates as they work together on their field's most challenging and groundbreaking transactions. She has also passed on the insight gained from her award-winning work in Negotiated Acquisitions of Companies, Subsidiaries and Divisions, a treatise studied in classrooms across the country, and as an adjunct professor, at the University of Virginia School of Law and Cornell Law School.

  • Explore Eileen's Desktop
  • M&A Treatise
    For many associates, reading Eileen's treatise, Negotiated Acquisitions, brings back memories from their law school days — good ones, hopefully.
  • Client Memoir

    Eileen represented Donna Karan in the sale of her company to the French multinational LVMH. If you want to skip straight to her memories of Eileen, start on page 275.

  • Deal Toy
    Eileen collects "deal toys" from her transactions. She received this miniature plunger, perhaps her oddest toy, when she closed two deals for American Standard.
Total value of deals closed 2015-2016
Total years as New York Office Leader and Global Co-head of transactions
Deal toys in office
Eileen Nugent
Meet Eileen

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