We offer referendars the opportunity to complete their Anwaltsstation and/or Wahlstation in either our Munich or Frankfurt offices. Referendars are integrated into the team from day one and are encouraged to attend the majority of the attorney training sessions. Each referendar is assigned to one associate mentor who coordinates work and provides feedback. Referendars have the opportunity to gain experience in more than one practice area. With respect to work schedules, we are flexible and usually can adapt to individual needs, such as part-time or interlocked models. We offer referendars who have successfully completed their Anwaltsstation in one of our German offices the opportunity to fulfill the Wahlstation abroad, in New York, London or Hong Kong.

We recruit year-round for referendars for all practice areas.

We look for candidates who demonstrate strong intellect and English language skills, the ability to solve legal problems in a particular economic context, interest in other countries and legal jurisdictions, commitment and team spirit.

Skadden provides a highly competitive salary and benefits package that is subject to regular review.

  • Referendars salary: €1,500 per weekly working day