Corporate Governance Series: What Investors Are Focused on This Season

Graham Robinson Timothy F. Nelson

As part of Skadden's Corporate Governance Series, the firm presented on January 14 a Boston seminar and webinar on "What Investors Are Focused on This Season." The program focused on corporate governance issues that are likely to be at the top of investors' agendas in 2015, including board composition issues, shareholder engagement initiatives and executive compensation hot buttons. Panelists included Skadden speakers Graham Robinson, Timothy F. Nelson and Alpa Fedor; Stephen Davis, Ph.D., associate director at the Harvard Law School Programs on Corporate Governance and Institutional Investors; Matt Filosa, assistant vice president and corporate governance and proxy voting officer at MFS Investment Management; Rakhi Kumar, head of corporate governance at State Street Global Advisors; and Rachel Lee, associate general counsel at EMC Corporation.