This Month in Intellectual Property: March 2021

Jennifer Permesly Jordan Feirman

On March 30, Skadden presented the latest installment of “This Month in Intellectual Property,” a monthly webinar series created to keep IP practitioners and in-house counsel up to date on recent court decisions, legislative developments, key filings and emerging trends in IP. Covering all facets of IP, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets and rights of publicity, the webinar series serves as a one-stop-shop for news that covers the entirety of this rapidly evolving industry.

This month, intellectual property litigation head Anthony Sammi discussed protecting trade secrets during litigation with protective orders. International litigation and arbitration partner Jennifer Permesly spoke on interim relief in IP arbitration, providing an overview of how interim relief can be obtained through arbitration, analyzing the growing use of emergency arbitration procedures for quick relief, and discussing how to ensure that both courts and arbitration are available for interim relief. Intellectual property litigation counsel Jordan Feirman covered trademark and copyright topics, including the Sixth Circuit’s conclusion that a print-on-demand company could be liable for direct infringement for counterfeit goods sold through its website because the company is not a mere “passive facilitator” and the Ninth Circuit’s blessing of “bad faith” allegations in boilerplate DMCA takedown notices.

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