The Informed Board

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The business world confronts a host of shifting challenges in 2021. To help boards navigate these, Skadden is launching The Informed Board, a periodic collection of concise articles that provide broad insights about key issues directors face. In these articles, we aim to help flag potential challenges that may not be fully appreciated, explain trends, share our observations and give directors practical guidance without a lot of legal jargon. These articles are based not just on Skadden’s knowledge of the law, but also on our front-line experience inside boardrooms.

Why Does the Brand of My Phone Affect My Credit Rating?
The predictive power of artificial intelligence and alternative data is often mysterious. And that’s a problem.

A Practical Guide to the Role of Directors in Fighting Ransomware
Ransomware is such a major threat to businesses that directors need to take an active role overseeing cybersecurity programs.

The Brexit Deal Leaves Some Mighty Big Holes
The Brexit agreement covered goods but not financial or other services, creating uncertainty for many businesses.

ESG: Many Demands, Few Clear Rules
Regulators and investors are pressing companies to act on ESG issues, but there are few agreed-upon standards. What is a board to do?

New Tactics and ESG Themes Take Shareholder Activism in New Directions
The dividing lines between activist and private equity firms are blurring, and new types of activists are emerging.

Get Used to the New Normal in US-China Trade Relations
Restrictions are unlikely to loosen under the new administration because there is bipartisan support now for taking a hard line with China.

Audio Interview: How Far Can the SEC Go?
Opponents of mandatory disclosures about climate risk and diversity will argue that they exceed the agency’s authority — a six-minute chat with Robert Stebbins, the SEC's general counsel until January.

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