2023 Insights: New Regulatory Challenges

Skadden’s 2023 Insights

Disparate US, EU and UK Sanctions Rules Complicate Multinationals' Exits From Russia
As multinationals work to extricate themselves from operations and investments in Russia, they face conflicting U.S., U.K. and EU sanctions regimes, complicating operations in the wind-down phase and the exits themselves.

Why Directors and Executives Need To Pay Attention to Sanctions, Money Laundering and Export Rules
As various laws restricting foreign transactions proliferate to support U.S. foreign policy, they are being aggressively enforced, so it is vital for boards to monitor compliance. Directors can face personal liability if they do not.

This SEC Press Release Is a Compliance Checklist for Corporations
The SEC is stressing higher penalties, requiring independent compliance monitors and including advisers in enforcement actions. Earnings manipulation, 10b5-1 plans and non-GAAP accounting are also coming in for scrutiny.

New Corporate Minimum Tax and Stock Repurchase Tax Will Take Effect in 2023, but Questions Remain
Two tax regimes established by the Inflation Reduction Act — a new corporate alternative minimum tax and an excise tax on stock repurchases — go into effect in 2023. But little guidance is available for companies to gauge their impact.

Tax Enforcement: A Spotlight on Complex Partnership Structures
The IRS is dedicating new resources to ongoing enforcement efforts against complex partnerships. Existing campaigns have focused on partnership transactions, partners’ tax bases and limited partners’ self-employment tax exceptions.

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