Splash or Ripple? The Potential Impacts of the Proposed U.S. Merger Guidelines

Global Competition Review

Joseph M. Rancour Maria Raptis Michael J. Sheerin

Partners Joseph Rancour and Maria Raptis and counsel Michael Sheerin look at proposed updates to merger guidelines by U.S. antitrust agencies. The authors discuss how the draft deviates from previous guidelines and the impact this could have on merger activity. They conclude that while the draft guidelines suggest many more transactions would be considered potentially anticompetitive than in the past, there is little to no guidance as to how the agencies would prioritize enforcement.

This article was originally published by Global Competition Review and can be viewed here: https://globalcompetitionreview.com/gcr-usa/article/splash-or-ripple-the-potential-impacts-of-the-proposed-us-merger-guidelines.