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What questions do prospective SPAC directors need to ask? What are the 10 most common misconceptions regarding attorney-client privilege? 

The Informed Board aims to provide insights into the key issues directors face today. We flag potential challenges, explain trends and provide directors with practical advice – without the usual legal jargon. 

Welcome to our second issue. We look forward to continuing our discussions with you.

What Am I Getting Myself Into? Five Questions Prospective SPAC Directors Should Ask
Much has been written about SPACs, but what does serving as a director of one entail? We highlight issues prospective board candidates should have on their radar and questions they should ask.

Just Between You and Us
The technical requirements of the attorney-client privilege can trip up clients who aren't careful. Here's a list of common misconceptions and real-world foot faults we've seen.

Shareholder Suits Demand More Progress on Diversity
Your board has women and underrepresented minorities. Yet you may still be targeted by a new wave of shareholder derivative suits pressing companies to take aggressive actions to further promote diversity and inclusion.

The Search for Board Diversity: Practical Tips, Statistics on Progress
Corporate governance thought leaders offer pragmatic suggestions for companies and directors aiming to diversify their boards, C-suites and employee ranks.

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