White Collar Defense and Investigations

Crisis Response and Risk Management

A crisis forces companies and institutions to make critical decisions, often with lasting consequences across a variety of areas. Organizations typically have an extremely brief window of opportunity to frame their response, and that response can have a significant effect — positive or negative — on the organization’s success. Crises can implicate significant legal, regulatory, financial and reputational risks with key constituents, including customers, shareholders and governments. Skadden’s crisis response and risk management team helps organizations anticipate risks, assemble a response team, formulate a crisis management plan, develop a communications strategy and address the full range of issues that may arise.

Our one-firm approach of close collaboration among highly experienced attorneys across offices and disciplines is crucial to the way we quickly and efficiently serve clients. Together with our clients, our crisis response team develops and executes targeted plans for responding to governmental agencies, shareholders, the investment community, the media and other constituencies. Understanding disclosure issues and the importance of effective communications is key to minimizing harmful effects. When multiple concurrent challenges arise, our deep resources and demonstrated commitment enable us to stay the course and develop long-term, post-crisis management and communications strategies.