Our global artificial intelligence team offers years of experience with complex AI legal matters and an understanding of the key AI technology issues, business drivers and evolving global regulatory landscape to companies around the world navigating this complex and cutting-edge technology.

Comprehensive insight. AI raises legal questions across a broad spectrum of regulatory, corporate and litigation areas in which Skadden excels. Our team includes some of Chambers’ top lawyers for intellectual property and technology, cybersecurity and data privacy, labor and employment, capital markets, M&A, national security, tax and antitrust/competition law. We draw on our strong regulatory knowledge and experience across our global footprint to advise our clients regarding the laws governing AI, and how to plan for laws and regulations that may come into effect.

Tech savvy. Our attorneys have a sophisticated understanding of the tools and models that underpin AI resulting from their extensive work advising clients in this space and the technical training and experience many of them possess.

Experienced in AI development and deployment. Skadden represents companies at every stage of the AI development lifecycle, including:

  • Developers and distributors of AI models and tools.
  • Owners of content and data used to train AI applications.
  • Organizations developing AI governance models.
  • Companies creating intellectual property strategies for use and deployment.
  • Entities acquiring, or investing in, AI companies.
  • Businesses preparing and testing AI incident response plans.

The firm’s clients are companies in virtually every industry incorporating AI into their environments, including advertising, automotive, consumer, cybersecurity, entertainment, fintech, insurance, life sciences and health care, marketing, media, private equity, semiconductors, software and sports, among others.