Summer Associates

Our Summer Associate Program — one of the most comprehensive available — drives our hiring efforts. And while we want to know what kind of lawyer you will be, we also realize you want to know what we can do to help get you there.

Program Overview

  • Full programs are offered in: Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, New York, Palo Alto, Tokyo, Toronto, Washington, D.C. and Wilmington.
  • Skadden hired 204 summer associates in 2024.
  • Given our global platform, we typically accommodate requests for splitting summers between two offices.
  • Our flexible program provides opportunities to learn first-hand about our extensive range of practices.

Training & Mentoring

Summer associates work in different areas of law, strengthening lawyering skills and gaining insight into the firm in general. The training received during the summer lays the foundation for Skadden’s professional development efforts. Below are a few examples of workshops and presentations that may be offered throughout the summer.

Start Your Path


We will begin accepting applications for 2025 Summer Associate positions beginning June 1, 2024.  Students may apply directly here.


We value having a class comprised of law students from around the country; therefore, the firm actively recruits at more than 40 law schools through on-campus interviews, job fair interview programs and direct write-in applications. If we are not participating in one of your school’s interview programs, you may apply online [or reach out to the Attorney Recruiting contact in the office(s) of interest with questions].


Students invited back to our offices for full-round interviews will meet with partners and associates from areas and backgrounds in which they express interest. To help us learn more about candidates, we ask those interviewing in our U.S. offices to complete a brief online assessment to see how your goals and values align with ours. Students will also have the opportunity to speak with past participants of the summer program. Each office has its own Hiring Committee, which meets regularly to discuss the pool of candidates.

Learn More

If there are any specific questions or subjects students would like to discuss over the course of their meetings, they are encouraged to let us know. Students who receive offers are welcomed and encouraged to contact the firm to schedule meetings with additional attorneys to address any remaining questions.

Office Locations

The following office locations host full Summer Associate Programs. Visit the pages below to learn more about the professionals and capabilities of each of these offices.