Intellectual Property Litigation

The nationally recognized attorneys in Skadden’s Intellectual Property Litigation Group successfully represent clients in all stages of disputes and provide strategic business advice concerning all manner of intellectual property issues, including trade secrets, trademarks and trade dress, patents, license agreements and disputes, copyrights and misappropriation, and advertising and consumer claims. Whether it is winning high-profile multimillion-dollar jury verdicts, obtaining swift dismissals at the pleading stage, or providing practical advice about reducing legal risk in everyday operations, we emphasize a holistic, business-driven approach that considers our clients’ needs both inside and outside the courtroom.

As legislatures and courts around the world adapt to a constant stream of emerging technologies, and businesses of all kinds face unprecedented challenges posed by global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Skadden’s IP Litigation Group draws on its deep knowledge and experience to empower clients with a complete understanding of the legal issues presented by potential IP disputes and deals.

Hallmarks of our practice include:

  • Experience Across Industries: We routinely handle matters in a variety of fields such as consumer products and services, biotech, pharmaceuticals, sports, media and entertainment, gaming and gambling, communications, computer technology, video games, esports, food and beverage, consumer products, financial services, ecommerce, social media, semiconductors, medical devices and life sciences.
  • Creative and Cost-Effective Solutions: Favorable jury verdicts and judicial opinions are not the only measures of success. We work with clients to find practical and business-centered resolutions to disputes, as well as provide strategic advice to anticipate and preempt disputes before they occur. When our clients are faced with litigation, we regularly dispose of matters quickly and efficiently. For example, in the past decade, our team has secured the dismissal of more than a dozen IP matters prior to any discovery being conducted.
  • Multidisciplinary Approach: To ensure the best and most forward-looking outcomes, we work with clients to tailor our approach to each matter, and we seek the insights of our colleagues from a wide range of practices as needed, such as antitrust, regulatory compliance, tax and corporate.
  • Global Reach and Resources: Our ability to leverage Skadden’s vast network and operations around the world ensures that we have the capacity to handle the largest, most complicated and highest-profile matters.
  • Thought Leadership: We stay on the cutting edge of IP and related issues and keep our clients informed through client alerts, articles, presentations and seminars, and an exclusive monthly CLE-credit webinar that summarizes the biggest legal developments across all areas of IP law, and provides practical advice to in-house counsel for managing and protecting their IP. Since March 2020, for example, we have regularly presented and advised clients on a variety of issues arising out the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that we are well-positioned to address the many novel challenges and potential disputes that businesses now face.