2024 Insights: Other Regulatory Developments

Skadden’s 2024 Insights

AI in 2024: Monitoring New Regulation and Staying in Compliance With Existing Laws
Companies that develop or employ AI tools have to consider proposed AI-specific regulation as well as an array of existing IP, privacy, employment and other applicable laws.

Private Sector Space Projects Take Off, Leaving Legal Unknowns in Their Contrails
The rapid expansion of the commercial space industry, fueled by accelerating investment, is generating a host of novel legal issues, from liability to IP ownership, taxation, dispute resolution and insurance.

Transferability: IRS Guidance Energizes Participation in a New Tax Credit Monetization Strategy
Recent IRS guidance on provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act that make it easier to purchase renewable energy tax credits is helping to attract new types of investors and spurring a more active market in the credits.

With New Technology and New Hires, the IRS Aims To Audit More Effectively While Improving Taxpayer Services
The IRS is overhauling its enforcement capabilities, and large corporations, partnerships and wealthy individuals will see more scrutiny. The agency is also working to improve taxpayer services and resolution processes.

Election Issues on the Horizon: 2024 National Party Conventions, Transition Efforts and Inaugural Activities
Companies and executives planning to support the 2024 political conventions and later, transition and inaugural functions, may be subject to an array of federal, state and local restrictions on monetary and in-kind contributions.

‘Small Yard and High Fence’: US National Security Restrictions Will Further Impact US-China Trade and Investment Activity in 2024
New U.S. restrictions on exports and investments in Chinese technology businesses are likely in 2024. In addition, there are moves in Congress and at the state level to limit Chinese investment in agricultural businesses and farmland.

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